All set at Tacky High for new school year, following arson, watchman’s murder

THE St Mary Police have implemented measures to combat the recent spike in crimes in Gayle after a section of Tacky High was torched earlier this year and the school’s watchman murdered in a separate incident.

The students’ education was disrupted after four armed gunmen wearing masks held up the watchman and demanded that he provide the combination to open the school’s vault.

When their demands were not met, the men tied up the watchman and attempted to rob the administrative building. Hours later a fire broke out and it is suspected that the men torched the building.

The staff room, principal’s office, book room, multi-purpose hall, and storerooms were destroyed in the fire.

Two months after the suspected arson the watchman was murdered, the watchman 44-year-old Hewitt Jarrett was found with gunshot wounds on the school compound.

Although no one has been arrested for the arson or Jarrett’s murder, head of the St Mary Police Superintendent Dean Johnson said” the investigations have been proceeding apace.”


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